Kenny Endo’s interview at Art of Life with Willow Chang
Moving to the Beat of the Taiko Drum

A segment from the PBS Hawaii series, “Artist”,
featuring Taiko Master and teacher Kenny Endo.

Produced and directed by Stuart Yamane

FOCUS – Meet Kenny Endo

Internship on Native American Reservation
Discover Nikkei Interview

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Designing a Creative Life oral interview with Kenny Endo (Audio Streaming) – 09.29.2012
by Guy Rathbun, Public Radio Exchange (

Interview with Kenny Endo – 11.06.2011
by Peggy Sonata, Michael Reddell @ “Outside The Line”, Windhook

Innovation from Tradition: A Conversation with Taiko Master Kenny Endo – Feb 2007
by Stanford Lively Arts Magazine

Kenny Endo’s “Symmetrical Soundscapes”
An article by Ben Pachter on The Taiko Source

“Island Breeze” CD Review – 8.24.2014
by John Berger, Honolulu Pulse

Kenny Endo and Hiromitsu Agatsuma Japan Society, NY, NY Review – 6.10.2013

US Audience in Awe of Japanese Traditional Musicians Tribute to 2011 Disaster Victims – 2.26.2013
Review of Kenny Endo & Kaoru Watanabe by Cherrie Lou Billones, Japan Daily Press

‘Taiko’ opens UH spring season – 02.08.2013
BY RYAN SENAGA (Special to the The Honolulu  Star Advertiser)

The Backbeat Summit – 07.28.2010
by On The Stereo, The Honolulu Weekly

Yes, Quality Will Definitely Out – 3.15.2010
Review by Joe Patti, Artistic Director,  Leeward Community College Theatre

Taiko X2 ON Ensemble and Kenny Endo – 03.30.2009
by Glen Creason, CerritosInk

Kenny Endo Taiko Ensemble Performs – 05.02.2008
by Jonah Kaplan-Woolner, The Oberlin Review

Soloists sustain riveting performance – 04.15.2005
by Ruth O. Bingham (Special to The Honolulu Star Advertiser)

Programming enhances concert – 11.10.2002
by Joseph Rothstein (Special to The Honolulu Star Advertiser)

Kudos for taiko and symphony – 01.04.1999
by Ruth O. Bingham (Special to the Honolulu Star-Bulletin)